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Our journal covers all aspects of interfaith knowledge and practice, with food for thought from around the world, and articles from researchers, leaders and grassroots activists. It is published in print and online about twice a year.

Contents of the latest edition (June 2019)

| editorial |     Scream or Love Life | Alan Race |


| creative encounters |

My Interfaith Journey remarkable teachers who have healed my life Harold Kasimov |

Hindus and Christians celebrating friendship and facing challenges with hope Anantanand Rambachan |

Guru Granth Sahib and the Other Dharam Singh |

The Global Ethic and the Fifth Directive Myriam Renaud |

Seeking a Mission of Humblekindness in a Hurting World Bonnie Evans-Hills |

Towards a British Islam Dilwar Hussain |

            On Boris Burqas Usama Hasan, Dan Cohn-Sherbok, George Chryssides, Bonnie Evans-Hills |

| from the world congress of faiths

The Next Step we must pray together Marcus Braybrooke |

Multifaith Chaplaincy on Campus Alan Race |

| in review |

It's Not About the Burqa: Muslim Womer on Faith, Feminism, Sexuality and Race ed. Miriam Khan
Reviewer: Sonya Wratten |

Same God, Other God: Judaism, Hinduism and the Problem of Identity by Alon Goshem-Goldstein
Reviewer: Michael Hilton |

The Role of Religion in Peacebuilding: Crossing Boundaries of Prejudice and Distrust Eds Pauline C H Kollontai, Sue Yore, and Sebastian kim
Reviewer: Jonathan Draper |

Confronting Religious Violence: a Counternarrative Eds Richard A Burridge and Jonathan Sacks
Reviewer: Alan Race |


| poetry and meditation |

A Haiku - About a Humble Weed - Basho |
True Being - Alan Rainer |
Food for Thought - Thomas Aquinas |
Purpose - the First Cause - Alan Rainer |


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