CDs & DVDs to buy

We have a DVD and a 3-volume CD set of the lectures given at the joint WCF/Alister Hardy Conference on 11 June 2011

The Conference was entitled: 'Spirituality: How might spiritual/religious experience help towards understanding and Compassion? '

The lectures were:

1. Fellowship of Faiths: A Communion of Spirit
by Revd. Dr. Marcus Braybrook       £6 per copy  

2. Faith and No faith: The Contribution of Atheism to the Spiritual Quest By Dr Gregory Barker  £6 per copy

3. From Contemplation to Compassion
by Eley McAinsh £6 per copy

Purchase the CDs as a collection - Set of 3 CDs. Price £12

Purchase all three lectures on DVD Price £8

Prices include packing and postage within the UK - please ask for international pricings & DVDs - contact us here.