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Beyond the Dysfunctional Family: Jews, Christians and Muslims in Dialogue With Each Other and With Britain Paperback – 13 Aug 2012 edition


Edited by Alan Race, with contributions from Jane Clements, Elizabeth Harris, Shanthikumar Hettiarachchi,  Sughra Ahmed, Dilwar Hussain, Humera Khan,  Abduljalil Sajid, Rachel Benjamin, and Miriam Berger

'This book is the fruit of 15 years of face-to-face interfaith dialogue between practitioners of the three Abrahamic faith communities, Judaism, Christianity and Islam. The focus is on how the dialogue cannot be avoided if we are to build a society based on shared humane values. Theological questions are interwoven with a narrative of how tortured relationships from the past do not have to determine the future'.

Interfaith Encounter: The Twin Tracks of Theology and Dialogue Paperback – 17 Jun 2010

IinterfaithencounterCoverPic-mTheology and dialogue represent the twin tracks for Christian engagement with the rich religious diversity of a shrinking globe. Yet, for much of the time they exist in profound tension. This tension arises because the largely negative history of Christian approaches towards the religious Other is now being questioned by the new information, experiences and relationships which stem from the growing dialogue between religions'.